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From the Guestbook at the Airport Library

10 juni 2011 | Comment

In the Airport Library zijn niet alleen maar boeken maar ook iPads met daarop filmpjes over Nederlandse kunst en cultuur. Je kunt via die iPads niet het internet op (dat mocht oorspronkelijk niet van Schiphol) maar er zit wel een gastenboek op. Dit zijn een aantal citaten uit dat gastenboek:

You should have topics on food and kids also

Nice n crisp collection of Amsterdam captured beautifully

Brilliant idea. I wish there was even more music to keep me entertained. Keep the project going, it’s fab.

Shouldn’t free people have free wifi?

Thank you for this place of serenity. I’m traveling back home to NY this was a lovely surprise.

This is a really great idea, so much information on the Netherlands. I did not know that there are so many famous Dutch musicians.

Next time I want to see some good porn.

It’s amazing… and the history is not the boring one but it’s interesting

Absolutely wonderful lounge! I have a long transfer time, but with this place it’s no problem at all. Thanks.

Henk is een bakfiets

Great concept. I visit Schiphol frequently and I enjoy the library every time I come here but  I notice it’s getting tired quickly, the furniture is getting chipped etc.

This library is a great idea! Why not improve it by giving visitors a chance to read and review books on the Netherlands here on this iPad? Video’s are fun but I would like to sit down and read and view photos as well. Thanks for a lovely time.

Vooral die laatste suggestie vind ik prachtig. Ik ga eens nadenken over wat we daarmee kunnen.

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